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The Dean Durham marketing group can provide you or your company with the tools to develop and execute a full scale advertising and marketing campaign that will successfully take your product or service to the outdoor industry either through direct marketing or retail distribution networks.
Multimedia Marketing Services
  • Full Service Video Productions
  • Television and Radio Productions
  • Media Planning and Placement Strategies
  • Brand Development
  • Event and Trade Show Planning
  • Media Advertisement Buying
  • Website Design and Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Direct Marketing and Retail Sales
  • Overseas Sourcing Strategies
From the original concept, the Dean Durham Marketing Group can help you plan your product goals and map out a route to achieve them. Whether your product or service is in the infant stages or enjoyed years of success, they can provide you with media relations services and help you develop a marketing plan to optimize your advertising and promotional dollars.
The Dean Durham Endorsement
Dean Durham is well known and respected throughout the outdoor
industry. Twenty years of successfully producing and hosting his nationally syndicated outdoor radio and television program has gained him recognition as a true professional outdoorsman and industry icon.

Through television, radio and print, Deanís image has received well over a billion impressions throughout the outdoor industry. Sportsmen easily identify with Deanís southern charismatic personality as well as his respect for nature and love for the outdoors.

Over the years, many outdoor industry products and companies have gained success and satisfaction through Deanís endorsements. For information on endorsement opportunities, contact Dean by email to discuss future possibilities.
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