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Nationally noted as a professional outdoorsman and his “Hey, Let’s go hunting”
verbal trademark, Dean Durham is now in his fourteenth year of on-camera hosting and producing outdoor television programs. Dean delivers to his viewers up close over-the-shoulder high impact hunting sequences. Dean’s exciting fast-paced hunting action combined with solid how-to information provides his viewers entertainment as well as essentials for success.

The “Dean Team” (Dean’s production crew) are seasoned experienced outdoorsmen as well as world-class videograghers and cutting edge post-production editors. They capture and provide quality footage of Dean getting up-close to wild game offering viewers an ultimate opportunity to share and experience Dean’s hunting adventures.

“Dean Durham Outdoors” consists of fair chase North American Big Game Hunting with numerous viewer-pleasing segments of Dean pursuing America’s #1 Big Game Animal…The Whitetail Buck. Dean also avidly hunts Western Big Game such as Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Mountain Lion and Bear. Viewers can also join Dean as he pursues thrilling African Big Game as well as an occasional Bird Hunt and Fishing Trip.

In addition to powerful action packed hunting, viewers learn Dean’s “how to” tips, tactics and techniques for successful hunting strategies, as well as wild game recipes and true humorous stories from his hunting adventures.

Dean constantly reminds viewers that hunting ethics and conservation should be strongly practiced to protect the great sport of hunting. His never ending commitment to introducing young people to hunting, fishing and the outdoors is paramount.

For over a decade, during each and every episode of “Dean Durham Outdoors”, Dean has delivered a heartfelt show-closing message that continually receives an overwhelming response from viewers…Dean delivers his sentimental statement in memory of his dad “Gene” and to the hunting future of his two young sons “Dru and Dustin”.

Dean’s Message Quotes… “When I was a young boy growing up in the southern woods, my dad taught me how to hunt, and to appreciate and understand all the things that contribute to nature. I cherish those wonderful times! Like my dad taught me, and his dad taught him, I’m passing on the tradition of hunting to my sons to assure that the American Heritage of Hunting comes full circle in my family. I encourage fellow sportsmen to offer leadership to our youngsters by teaching them the ethics of hunting and the appreciation of wildlife conservation.
After all…The Junior Sportsmen are the
…Dedicated to Dad…

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